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83 The Bridge $500 Luminous Tape 16in x 20in x 2in 3.8 lbs Framed.jpg
78 I Miss You Not for Sale Watercolor 16in x 20in x 1in 5.4 lbs Framed.jpg

Artwork from the Heart

81 Jar Oil Painting $300 10in x 12in x 2in 2.8 lbs Frame.jpg
82 Baby Asleep Not for Sale Oil 12in x 10in x 2.25in 2.4 lbs Framed.jpg
85 Dr Martin Luther Kin Jr $300 Ink Drawing 11in x 9in x 1in 1.2 lbs Framed.jpg
84 Dr Martin Luther King Jr $500 Luminous Tape 17n x 14in x 1.5in Framed.jpg
86 The Waterfall $400 Pastel 24in x 17in x .5in 4.4 lbs Framed.jpg
76 Jesus in Manger $150 Acrylic on Posterboard 24.5in x 17in x .75in 4.8 lbs Framed.jpg
80 Mary and Jesus $400  Oval Oil on a Mirror 16in x 8in x1in 3.2 lbs Framed.jpg
79 Next Time I Will Go With You Not for Sale 18in x 24in x 2in 4.4bs Framed.jpg
8 My Guardian Angel $300 Pastel 21n x 17in x .75in 3.6 lbs Framed.jpg
77 The Smile Not for Sale Oil Palate Knife 24in x 17in x 1.25in 3lbs Framed.jpg
72 Enjoy Your Life Not for Sale 17in x14in x .75in 3.2 lbs Framed.jpg
75 Santa $200 Acrylic 26in x 24in x .75in 4.6 lbs Framed.jpg
70 Enjoy Springtime $150 Acrylic 22in x 14in x1in 3.4 lbs Framed.jpg
73 Permission to Go Not for Sale Oil 3ft x 2ft x 2.5in 9 lbs Framed.jpg
74 Awesome Baby Not for Sale Oil 18in x 20in x .5in 3.8 lbs Framed.jpg
71 Dancing With the Stars Not for Sale Pastel 18in x 16in x .5in 2.8 lbs Framed.jpg
70 Enjoy Springtime $150 Acrylic 22in x 14in x1in 3.4 lbs Framed.jpg
7 Creatures of the Earth $800 Oil on 3-D Plastic Mold 29in x 24in x 1.5in 6 lbs No Frame.j
69 Ocean Surf $900 Oil 3ft x 4ft x 3in 9.6 lbs Framed.jpg
68 Jesus and Mary Oil 18in x 24in x 1.25in 5.6 lbs Framed.jpg
67 The Road of Life $400 Oil 18in x 22in x 2in 4 lbs Framed.jpg
65 Gorilla $400 Luminous Tape and Paper 24in x 28in x 1.5in 4.2 lbs Framed.jpg
64 Cat and Dog $400 Luminous Tape and Paper 24in x 28in x 1.25in 7.8 lbs Framed.jpg
6 Cowboy $800 Oil on 3-D Plastic Mold 29in x 24in x 2in 5.6 lbs No Frame.jpg
62 Woman Skiing $200 Ink 18in x 15in x .75in 2.6 lbs Framed.jpg
55 I Love to Read $200 Acrylic 14in x 14in x .5in .5 lb Framed.jpg
53 Luminous Christmas-New Years $200 Luminous Tape and Paper 18in x 22in x .75in 3.2 lbs F
63 See Me $200 Acrylic 12in x 15in .75in 1.4 lbs Framed.jpg
66 Earth Reflection $700 Oil 24in x 18in x .75in 3.6 lbs Framed.jpg
60 Flowers $100 Crayon on Sandpaper 18in x 13in x .75in 2.2 lbs Framed.jpg
57 Autumn Reflection $400 Oil on a Mirror 17in x 21in x .5in $4.2 lbs Framed..jpg
59 Flight $300 Turn Paper Collage 11in x 9in x .5in 1.2 lbs Framed.jpg
58 Vacation Cabin $200 Acrylic 17in x 21in x .75in 2.6 lbs Framed.jpg
56 My Baby $150 Pencil 12.5in x 10.5in x .5in 1.2 lbs Framed.jpg
5 Sharing Our World $800 Oil on 3-D Plastic Mold 26in x 21in x 4in 5.6 lbs No Frame.jpg
49 Paddleboat $200 Watercolor 16in x 16in 1.25in 3 lbs Framed.jpg
61 I Love My Family $300  12in x 10in x 1in 2.6 lbs Framed.jpg
54 Luminous Christmas Gifts $600 Luminous Tape and Paper 36in x 28in x 1in 12 lbs Framed.j
51 Luminous Navity $400 Luminous Duct tape and Paper Collage 30in x 24in x 1.5in 8.8 lbs F
52 Hands of Peace $300 16in x 19in x .75in Octagon Shape Ink Wash Framed_edited-1.jpg
48 Silent Tears $300 Acrylic 21in x 17.25in x .75in 5.4 lbs Framed.jpg
50 Boating on the Ocean $400 Oil 33in x 17in x 1in 2.2 lbs Framed.jpg
47 Trees on the Water $600 Oil 3 Paintings 14in x 12in x .75in 1.8 lbs each 5.5 lbs total
44 Mother and Baby $300 Watercolor Oval 17in x 13in x .75in 2.2 lbs Framed.jpg
46 Reflection $250 Watercolor 14in x 14in x 1in 1.6 lbs Framed.jpg
45 Cowboy $400 Oil 19in x 23in x 1.25in 2.8 lbs Framed.jpg
4 The Caregiver $900 Oil  28in x 40in x1 in 6.4 lbs.jpg
40 Urban Deer $500 18in x 23in x 3in 2.8 lbs Framed.jpg
38 The Ocean Flag $300 Pastel 19in x 23in x .75in 2.8 lbs Framed.jpg
41 Nature $400 Oil 23in x 19in x .75in 2.2 lbs Framed.jpg
43 The Flag $400 Oil 18in x 21in x 1in 2.2lbs Framed.jpg
42 Horses $400 Pastel 18in x 32in x .75in 5.4 lbs Framed.jpg
33 The Ultimate Sacrifice $200 Ink Wash 20in x 29in x .75 lbs 7.2 lbs Framed.jpg
36 The Final Destination $400 Watercolor 18in x 22in x 1in 4.6 lbs Framed.jpg
35 Make Your Life Count $300 Melted Crayon on Sandpaper 15in x 12in x .75in Framed.jpg
37 Ocean Flight $300 Oil 21in x 18in x 1.25in 2.2 lbs Framed.jpg
39 Torado Weather $350 Acrylic 16in x 16in x .75in 2.6 lbs Framed.jpg
34 Searching For God $400 Oil 26in x 32in x 2.5in 6.8 lbs Framed.jpg
31 Community Garden Oil $500 31in x 42in x1in 5 lbs Framed.jpg
26 Grieving $200 Pencil 17in x 14in x .75in 2.8 lb Framed.jpg
30 We Need Each Other $200 Pastel on Velour Paper 17in x 21in x .75in 4.4 lbs Framed.jpg
248 Ocean Creatures $400 Oil on 3 Mirrors in Cabinet 36in x 29.25in x 5.25in 32lbs 2.jpg
27 Memory Loss 26in x 15in x 1.25in 4.8 lbs Framed.jpg
250 Carousel $200 Oil on Mirror 7in x 5in x .25in .4lb Framed.jpg
29 The Cardinal Angel $300 oil 21in x 17in x 1.75in 2.2 lbs.jpg
3 The Golfer $100 Pencil 18in x 12in x .75in 11 lb Framed.jpg
32 Why Watercolor 23in x 19in x 1in 5.2 lbs Framed.jpg
25 Birthday Celebration $400 Ink Wash on Crumpled Paper 33in x 26in x 1in 9 lbs Framed.jpg
252 Angie's Kids.jpg
251 Special Wedding 12in x 8in Oval .4 lb Framed.jpg
241 Wedding Memory Not for Sale 19in x 17.5in x 1.5in 3.2 lb.jpg
246 Lifelong Friends Pastel 14.25in x 16in x .75in 2.4 lb Framed.jpg
240 Not for Sale 14in x 16in x 1.5in 2.8 lb.jpg
249 Sister Rose  $50 Oil on Mirror 8in x 13in Oval .8 lb Framed 2.jpg
24 The Cat Lady $400 24in x 20in x 1in 3.6 lbs Framed.jpg
240 My Family Picture.jpg
243 The Train.jpg
245 The Storm and the Addition.jpg
244 The Tree.jpg
242  Toilet Paper.jpg
23 God Takes Away Our Fear $400 Charcoal 14in x 12in x .75in Framed.jpg
233 Window Art 5.jpg
237 Window Art 9.jpg
235 Window Art 7.jpg
238 Family Picture Pastel.jpg
239 Debby's Parents Watercolor.jpg
236 Window Art 8.jpg
222 A Special Friend's Son Watercolor.jpg
223 Special Siblings Watercolor.jpg
226  Dr. Black's Children.jpg
224 Fundraiser Watercolor.jpg
225 A Great Pet Watercolor No Mat.jpg
227 Hopice Person.jpg
218 A Friend and her Son Watercolor.jpg
22 Green Protects the World Watercolor 22in x 18in x 1.5in 4.4. lbs Framed.jpg
220 A Friendly Smile Watercolor.jpg
215 Hopice Pair Watercolor.jpg
213 My Friend's two Children.jpg
212 My Friends Son and Daughter Waterrcolor.jpg
221 A Spanish Couple Watercolor.jpg
218 The Ocean View Watercolor.jpg
216  Window Smurfs.jpg
217  Halloween Window Acrylic on Glass.jpg
214 Couple for Many Years Julie.jpg
208 The Hot Tub Walls Wall Paint.jpg
202 A Friend's Daughter Not for Sale.jpg
209 Tammy's Kids Watercolor Crayon.jpg
203 Father Tom Not for Sale Framed.jpg
21 Old Soul $500 Charcoal on Velour Paper 24in x 20in x .75in 5.2 lbs Framed.jpg
210 My Friend's Grandchildren.jpg
205 Friend's Granddaughter Pastel.jpg
207 My Friend Hairdresser.jpg
211 My Friend's Companion Watercolor.jpg
208 The Hot Tub Walls Wall Paint 2.jpg
206 Hospice Couple Wedding Not for Sale Pen and Ink.jpg
204 A New Family Not for Sale Pencil 1 Mat.jpg
201 Grandma and Rudy.jpg
200 Agnes and Jack  Not for Sale Watercolor No Frame.jpg
20 The Cheerleader Book $250 Acrylic 22in x 18in x 1in 2.6 lbs Framed.jpg
2 fishing for Eternity $600 Oil 21in x 27in x 1in 3.4 lbs Framed.jpg
199 Clark and Debby Not for Sale Watercolor.jpg
198 Lighthous Sunset Pastel No Mat.jpg
189 Baby in Purple Not for Sale Pastel 1 Mat.jpg
188 My Friend's Children Not for Sale Pastel.jpg
187 My Friend's Daughter and Husband.jpg
186 Sisters Forever Not for Sale Watercolor No Frame.jpg
185 The Model Not for Sale Pastel No Frame.jpg
184 Angel in Heaven Not for Sale Pastel.jpg
179 Car Study Watercolor.jpg
128 Church in Italy  Make Offer 55in x 35in x 2.25in 57lbs Framed.jpg
181 Partners Not for Sale Pastel.jpg
180 Legacy Not for Sale Pastel No Mat.jpg
182 Couple and Friends Watercolor Crayons No Frame.jpg
183 Special Parents Not for Sale Pastel.jpg
129 The Buttercup $300 Luminous Duct Tape 5in x 3.5in x 1in .25lb Framed.jpg
165 Friends Pastel.jpg
174 Together for Life Watercolor.jpg
120 Trinity $300 Luminous Foam Paper and Feathers 12.5in x 16.5in 1.75in 3.8 lbs
18 Children Are Our Future Charcoal $350 28in x22in x1in 3.4 lbs Framed.jpg
173 Waited for Granddaughter Pastel.jpg
178 My Friend's Dog Pastel.jpg
176 Horse Exibition 1.jpg
175 Silver Linings Pastel No Mat.jpg
170 Wooden Roping Targets Original Pastel 12.75in x18.5in.jpg
169 Helping My Dad Original Pastel 12.754in x 18.5in.jpg
164 Practicing Roping Pastel.jpg
132 Streert in Italy Not for Sale Oil on Mirror 13.5in x 8in x .5in 1 lb Framed.jpg
130 Supporters Not for Sale 11.75in x 13.75in x 1in 1 lb Framed.jpg
127 Italy Hosts Not for Sale Pastel 12in x 15in x .75in 1.25 lbs Framed.jpg
118 Charlie $400 Luminous Foam Paper and Cotton 12in x 14in x 1.5in 2.2 lbs Framed.jpg
115 Consecration $300 Oil on Mirror 7in x 7in x 1in .8 lbs Framed.jpg
166 I Can Do This Pastel.jpg
133 Nature is God's Anachor of Life $900 Oil on Mirror 55.5in x 16in x 1.5in 13.6 lbs Fram
131 Waiting For the Right Time 3-D Mixed Media Shadow Box 16.75in x 12.75in x 1.5in 3 lbs
126 Newborn Not For Sale Pastel  15in x 12in x 1in 2.6 lbs Framed.jpg
124 Wedding Dreams $900 Oil on Metal Framed Mirror 33in x 14in x 1in 13.8 lbs Framed.jpg
123 Special Friends Not for Sale Pastel 13.5in x 13.5in x .75in Framed.jpg
114 Shining Trees Oil on Mirror $300  8in x 8in x .75in 1.6 lb Framed.jpg
113 Bright Trees $300 Oil on Mirror 8in x 8in x .75in 1.6 lbs Framed.jpg
122 The White Whale Make Offer 4ft x 33.5in x 3.5in 3D Mixed Media Shadowbox 40 lbs Framed
172 Hospice Couple Pastel No Mat Not for Sale.jpg
167 Cowboy Challenges Pastel.jpg
171 Hospice Friend's Mother Pastel.jpg
159 Cowboy and Dog Pastel.jpg
157 I Need Toilet Paper Pastel.jpg
156 My Sister Chrissy Pastel.jpg
155 Filling Dad's Shoes Pastel.jpg
154 Cowboy and Son.jpg
153 Ice Cream Cone Hospice Not for Sale Foam Board Acrylic 5ft x 4ft.jpg
152 Truck Hospice Not for Sale Foam Board Acrylic.jpg
151 Pirate Hospice 4 Not for Sale Foam Board Acrylic .jpg
150 Pirate Hospice 3 Not for Sale Foam Board Acrylic.jpg
15 Depression $400 Multiple Strip Paper 18in x 14in x 1.25in 3.2 lbs Framed.jpg
149 Pirate Hospice 2 Not for Sale Foam Board Acrylic.jpg
148 Pirate Hospice 1 Foam Board Acrylic.jpg
147 Quartet Hospice Singer Not for Sale Foam Board Acrylic 6ft x 4ft.jpg
146 Elephant Hospice Pictures Foam Board Acrylic 5ft x 6ft No Frame.jpg
145 Sacrifice Not for Sale Pastel 9in x 9in x .5in 1.5 lbs Framed.jpg
144 Lifelong Friends Not for Sale 9.5in x 11.5in x .75in Pastel and Watercolor.jpg
143 Dance Partner Not for Sale Pastel 11.5in x 9.5in x .75in 1.6 lbs Framed.jpg
142 Siblings, Friends for Life Not for Sale Watercolor 27.5in x 24.25in x 3in 7.8 lbs Fram
141 Identical But Unique Not for Sale Pastel 18.5in x 22.5in x 1in 4.4 lbs Framed.jpg
140 Looking Underneath the Surface Mutimedia Lighted Shadowbox 18in x 12.75in x 4in 9.2 lb
14 The Final Destination $400 Watercolor 22in x 18in x 1in 4.6 lbs Framed.jpg
139 Journey Into Outer Faith Multimeda 3D 15in Diameter x 9in Deep Lighted 15.6 lbs Make O
139 Journey Into Outer Faith Multimeda 3D 15in Diameter x 9in Deep 15.6 lbs Unlighted Make
138 Dad Pencil Not for Sale 17.5in x 14.5in x 1in 2.6 lbs Framed.jpg
137  The Alley $150 Pastel 21in x 17.25in x 1.25in 4.4lbs Framed.jpg
136 My Cousin and Husband Not for Sale Pastel 12.5in x 15.5in x .75in 1 lb Framed.jpg
135 Answering the Knock $1200 45in x 28.5in 1.75in 16 lbs Framed.jpg
134 Walking on Water $300 Oil on Mirror 11in x 19in x .75in 2.6 lbs Framed.jpg
125 Breaching Whale $700 Oil on Mirror Circle 30 in diameter 3in Depth 14.2 lbs No Frame.j
121 I Hear You $800 Mixed Media Foam Paper Stained Glass Paint 20in x 24in x 2in 5 lbs 1 M
12 Fighting Against the Odds $400 Ink Wash on Paper 21.5in x 17.5in x 1.25in 4.6 lbs Frame
116 Waterfall Eagle Shadow Box $900 Original 3D Mixed Media 30in x 24in x 3.5in 17.2 lbs F
176 Show Horse.jpg
168 Shoeing Horses Pastel.jpg
162 Roping Pastel.jpg
161 My Horse and I Pastel.jpg
160 Dad Teaches Me Pastel.jpg
16 Hopeless $400 Ink Line Drawing 22in x 18in x 1in 3.8 lbs Framed.jpg
158  Catching Frogs Pastel.jpg
163 Roping Cows Pastel.jpg
17 Hiding From Life $500 Oil 22in x 28in x .75in 3.4 lbs Frame.jpg
177 The Angel Watercolor No mat.jpg
10 Forgiveness Opens the Door $400 Crayon on Sandpaper 17in x 16in x 1in 2.8 lbs
120 Trinity $300 Luminous Foam Paper and Feathers 12.5in x 16.5in 1.75in 3.8 lbs
1 Dealing With the Past $900 Oil 28in x 21in x1in .jpg
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